hey you guys,

here's the thing, i dyed my hair a reddish brown, and now with the sun it's a lighter color. no complaints,
it's beautiful.
here's the thing, i'm convinced that my eyebrows don't match. they are a dark brown. i'm too scared to dye them though, and i won't shave them, and i just don't know..


any help would be appreciated thanks you guys.

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okay.. I"m a bit of a newbie to this.. but I need eye makeup help. I suck at liquid liner, and pencil always ends up smudging. Does anyone know any good black eyeliner pencils that won't smudge and aren't crazily expensive? also what mascara is best for thickening lashes, not necessarily making them look longer? again, nothing supersuper expensive.

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i have kind of curly/wavy hair that is often pretty frizzy. i've started using frizz-ease and that's working alright for me, but what i really want is a way to make my hair curly and big. i'm looking for what my dad would call "new jersey hair". i don't want it to take a particularly long time or be crazycrazycrazy expensive. any suggestions?

opening a can of worms

okay ladies, it's been a while since i updated in here. but all along i've been working on myself and i definitely look alot better than i did when i started with you guys!! here is the thing though. for the first time ever i went ahead and shaved my arms. im a little concerned about this, seeing as i want to know the best way to keep this now, if i let it grow back it's going to be all spiky and disgusting. i was wondering if anyone had any tips or ideas or even advice? it'd be great. i haven't been seeing alot of posts here, so i'm hoping that will soon change!

:) thanks for any help ladies!!!